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Get to Know Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem Joyner is a multi-talented contemporary saxophonist, author, and music producer who has been captivating audiences for nearly two decades.

With a number one jazz album, chart-topping hits, and critically acclaimed novels under his belt, Joyner is a rare artist who knows no bounds. Born in Norfolk, VA, he discovered his love for the saxophone early on and has since toured over 30 countries, sharing the stage with legendary musicians.

As an accomplished author, Joyner has received praise from around the globe and has established the Joyner Book Club to support independent authors and connect readers with new literary works.

Despite the challenges of the entertainment industry, Joyner remains steadfast in his commitment to his art, stating, “No matter how difficult things become, I’ll never stop doing what I love: playing the sax, writing music and stories, and performing live.”

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